Dental Delivery Services

Smiles Delivered Everytime!

A to Z Express Delivery provides a customized delivery service designed specifically for the dental industry. We have provided courier service to dental facilities and labs in Austin for the last 10 years. Our team understands the industry’s commitment to professionalism, customer service, and OSHA and HIPAA-compliant chain of custody.

Dental laboratores are no different than standard medical labs in that the deliveries they send out are time sensitive and are needed by other health professionals before further patient action can be taken. Therefore dental labs prefer to use A to Z Express Delivery to ensure that their dental cases get to where they need to go in a professional and timely manner.

Whether you ship 3 cases a day or 103 cases, A to Z Express Delivery understands the time-critical nature of your packages. And our program is competitively priced to offer outstanding value when compared to many other regional courier services.


How A to Z Express Delivery will help your lab:

Save you on your delivery costs and expand your accessible geography.
Designated courier driver for your facility.
Pick up dental cases from your clients office and bring that work back to your lab within the same day.
Many of our routes go out in the morning and again in the afternoon,
giving you an opportunity to get work from clients twice a day.
We are a routed courier service, which means that our times are predictable and consistent.
Our rates are designed to be cost-effective and competitive.

“We provide the best delivery service so you can provide your customers with the best dental products available”